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Delta Hedge Financial, LLC is focused on understanding how the investment world works.  Our process is built around the business cycle that is a continuous event which creates booms and busts in economies and markets globally.  Measuring and mapping the cyclical nature of markets translates to an understanding about which assets to invest in and strategically when to do so.  However, the traditional business cycle has morphed into more of a credit cycle where the monetary authorities always seem to respond to the ongoing economic data with a lagging effect.  Understanding the relationship between advancing or declining growth and inflation in the economy coupled with the accompanying policy response gives us insight into what is the most probable outcome across multiple asset classes going forward.  We manage hedged equity portfolios for individuals and institutions that allow us to participate in the upside in the market while hedging out much of the downside risk.   

While we strive to maximize profitability in bullish markets, we also endeavor to hedge out as much of the downside as possible in bearish markets.  Over the last 100 years bear markets occur approximately every 4.5 years.  Our message is that there is an alternative to the buy and hold strategy that most investors are currently invested in.  There is no need to fear the next market downturn as there is opportunity in every market.  The key for us is to measure and map the current relevant data and understand the highest probability policy response.  Markets rise and fall.  There is no need to be a victim of market downturns.  What if you could cheer the next market decline just as you would cheer the next bull market?  Stop fearing the markets and let us manage the risk for you.  Preservation of capital at the appropriate time is just as, if not more important, than capital appreciation at other times.  

We understand that the investment world is a confusing place.  It's difficult to understand who to listen to and who to trust.  We are a small firm that has chosen to be independent by choice.  Almost all of the large investment firms, mostly due to regulatory oversight, invest client capital as they always have in the traditional asset allocation model.  These models have worked well over the last four decades but were never intended to operate in the low interest rate environment we currently find ourselves in.  When the next market downturn occurs investors invested with these firms are simply going to lose money like they always do in bear markets.  It doesn't have to be this way but most investment firms are more concerned about gathering more assets than trying to protect and grow client assets.  They are managed with an outdated and misguided model that is not going to operate as most investors expect going forward.

The investment world is changing and the way you invest needs to change too.  I encourage you to contact me and I look forward to speaking with you.

As always, good luck out there and be safe,
Michael Virden

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Our mission is to protect and grow your assets in any market condition