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Why invest with us

Delta Hedge Financial, LLC is an independent financial advisory firm that acts as a fiduciary to each of our clients.  We are not salespeople and don't make commissions.  Our only goal is to grow and protect client assets.  We get paid a yearly flat fee to manage accounts for clients.  That's all. 
Our investing methodology centers around understanding where markets and economies are in the business cycle coupled with how monetary authorities react to the economic data.  We measure and map the high frequency economic macro data and the accompanying monetary policy response.  This information provides us insight as to where we are in the current business cycle.  Solving for where the economy is in the cycle offers the highest predictive value and means the equity market is forecastable.  Because the market is forecastable we are able to position our investments with the highest probability of succes.  Markets rise and fall, always have and always will.  Our goal is to always provide clients with as much upside potential as possible while hedging out as much risk at any given time.  The world is changing and the way you invest needs to change to.  

Investing process

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Delta Hedge Financial, LLC is focused on how the economy works and how this effects stock markets.  Our measuring and mapping of economic data gives us greater understanding about portfolio construction and allows insight about when and where to invest.

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Growing and protecting assets

Long-short and hedged equity investments for any market condition